QL_Quilt Kit_LearningtheRopes

Why Quilt?

Why cut up fabric and sew it back together?

Why??   Because QUILTS are Magic!

Quilting is art made with love. Quilting is beauty and making memories but most of all,  quilting is sending my love into a time that I may never see.

In 2009 I was going through a rough patch. My sweet Gramma was in her 90’s and sent a very precious gift to me. She sent two quilts that her mother had made. These quilts are made from bits of family clothing, scraps and feed sacks. These quilts are handsewn.   They were sewn with her own hands.Emmies Lovie 1

These quilts hold the love and care of both Great Gramma Lula and Gramma Thelma.  When I wrap a Gramma quilt around me, I feel held. I feel loved.  Even though Gramma Lula left this world decades ago, I feel her loving spirit when I am covered in her quilts.

Lula loved Thelma and she made her a quilt. Thelma loved me, and now I love my own baby girl. When she isn’t feeling well or needs to feel especially loved,  I wrap her up in a Gramma quilt.Lula Star 1

My daughter might not know Gramma Lula, but she does know that she loves her.

That is the magic of a quilt.