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Baby Love and Blanket Forts




I saw a meme online that said ” I don’t want to adult today, I will be in my blanket fort coloring”

I loved it.  I would; of course, use a quilt for my fort so that the sun could shine through the patchwork like stained glass and make me happy!

My kids grew up with blankies.    They always had their baby quilts as portable comfort.  They were taken everywhere.  One of my children actually wanted to buckle his blankie up to keep it safe when he was a toddler.   Knowing how much comfort and love my children have found in their blankies , is it any wonder that I love making baby quilts?

I love imagining a tiny baby bundle being wrapped in a quilt that I have carefully sewn together.  I imagine the little one growing and learning about pattern and texture and color.  I imagine the blanket that I am sewing in the background of a child’s happy life.


This is a blanket that I recently made.  Laura Cook Baby Quilt


The pattern is called Love Notes by MSQC.     I chose bright and happy red and white fabrics because I wanted this mamma to feel her baby was someone to be celebrated.  I chose the roses/floral print because of a bible verse that means a lot to me.   This little quilt is not the fanciest quilt I have ever made, but it was made with love.  A love note made of cotton  to a sweet mama and her baby girl.

I am currently working on a sailboat pattern. I like to imagine that the little man who will one day sleep under it will dream of sailing adventures on a lake or the high seas!   I hope it is dragged through the grass and loved to shreds.

This is why I quilt.