Abbey Lane Giveaway

We are so excited that Abbey Lane will be in the house this next weekend for their two-day workshops. To celebrate, we are giving away these popular Abbey Lane Quilting Patterns. Entering to win one is simple…scroll down below this image and answer any OR all of the questions. Each question answered enters you into the drawing…answer 4 questions, receive 4 entries. You will need to email us your responses at before Tuesday, April 4th at 5:00pm MST.

QUESTION 1: Visit the Maxwell Bag Workshop page and tell us what is NOT included (what you need to bring) in the price of the workshop.

QUESTION 2: How would you use the Maxwell Bag if you had one? If you’re giving it away, who would you give it to?

QUESTION 3: After checking out the Blue Jay Way Workshop page, how do you think the birds are added to the quilt?

QUESTION 4: What type of techniques would you like to learn at a Quilter’s Lodge class or retreat?

QUESTION 5: Are you more likely to attend a quilt retreat if a popular educator is teaching or do you prefer an Open Sew format where you come to work on your own projects?

(Tip: Copy and paste the questions into your email to make responding easier.)

Interested in joining us April 7th or 8th. We still have space in our classes for YOU!

10 thoughts on “Abbey Lane Giveaway

  1. Marilyn Snow says:

    question 4: I would like to see how people choose fabrics for a quilt pattern. Another idea is how some of the notions and gadgets can help speed up the piecing or applique process so you can finish projects quickly

  2. Marilyn Snow says:

    question 5: for retreat, I like to learn something new or have a small workshop where people can choose a small project to work on together. But for the most part, I like to work on my own projects

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