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Kewpie Love Fat Quarter Giveaway

We are so exited to offer you this fun GIVEAWAY!

The new Kewpie Love Collection by Riley Blake Designs is perfect for all of your LOVELY projects.
And you’ll receive a fat quarter bundle as explained below. Scroll down to enter. Deadline is Sunday, Jan. 29th at 11:59pm. Winner announced Monday, Jan. 30th.


Fat Quarter Bundle – Kewpie Love.  Bundle includes 1 piece of each print we carry at Thimbles & Thread Shop. 100% cotton fabric. To view those fabrics, please visit our website.
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Lori Holt Calico Days Retreat – April 27th-30th – 4 Days/3 Nights

Lori Holt’s new line, Calico Days, is now out and we have it in stock!

We are also excited to announce the special retreat we have planned in celebration. Treat yourself to our Calico Days retreat, April 27th through 30th of 2016! That’s 4 days and 3 nights of quilting and camaraderie! Experience the luxury of our new lodge, where you can sew and sew-cialize in comfort.


Here’s Lori’s latest pattern, created for Quiltmaker magazine. Lori herself will be teaching our guests how to make this marvelous 24″ x 24″ wall hanging. This one is made from Lori’s personal scrap stash, but you’ll be able to make one using the fabulous fabrics from her new CALICO DAYS line. All the needed fabric will be provided!




Reserve Your Spot HERE

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Farm Girl Vintage Quilting Retreat

We are excited to announce the very 1st quilt retreat workshop for “Farm Girl Vintage” by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.  So excited we couldn’t wait for our new Lodge to be completed.  Soooooo, we are hosting a “Farm Girl Vintage” retreat at the Springhill Suites in Draper, Utah. (Springhill is a brand new hotel, 1.6 miles from the store)

Book cover

Dates – Wednesday, June 10th to Saturday, June 13th

Check-in: Starting Wednesday afternoon at 3pm

Check-out: Sat at 3pm (check out of hotel room by 11 am)

Wednesday evening will be an opening social and Trunk Show.  Classes will be 9:30am – 6:00pm Thursday & Friday, 9:30am – 3:00pm Saturday.  Don’t worry, the sewing doesn’t have to stop, you will be able to sew as late into the night (or morning) as you wish.

Lori has designed an Exclusive Farm Girl Vintage Block just for our retreat.

We were hoping The Quilter’s Lodge would be open by The Farm Girl Vintage Retreat but it didn’t quite happen……however you will receive a private tour of the new Quilter’s Lodge as well as a private shopping evening at Thimbles And Threads.

Everyone will receive a swag bag of goodies which will include a project to get you started sewing.  There will be challenges, prizes, treats and fun throughout the retreat.


Pricing: All packages include: trunk show, three days of instruction by Lori Holt, continental breakfasts, lunches, three nights lodging and tons of fun and inspiration.

  • Private Queen Room: $595
  • Double Occupancy Room: $425
  • Triple Occupancy Room: $355
  • 4 Occupancy Room: $300

*All rooms have two queen beds.

Local and don’t want to stay at the hotel? Not a problem. Join all the festivities and stay at home for only $250. Please note that the continental breakfast is only offered to those with lodging packages.

**Rates are only guaranteed until May 20th and there are only 40 spaces available so book early to reserve your spot.

We hope you are as excited as we are!


Reserve Your Spot HERE


Here are a few sneak previews of projects from Farm Girl Vintage:

Samples.2 haystack sampler Quiltybarn Sowing seeds

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Happy Summer Everyone

Hello Everyone,
Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since we’ve visited. So grab a drink and maybe even a treat, have a seat and let’s catch up!

For those of you that don’t know, we are now finally using the POS System. For the most part it is working pretty well now. Big relief!

Shop Hop is over and it was so fun seeing so many of you. If you didn’t make it in….. the store broke ground (TA DA) on the first day of Shop Hop. Yep, the watched pot thing worked. Footings are supposed to be poured tomorrow. It’s getting more real every day. We were a Quilt Retreat so we got to wear PJ’s, who doesn’t sew in their PJ’s? We played Spin the Bottle for prizes. We had chocolate covered popcorn, it was just fun!

At last ground was broken!





Our quilt was hung on the porch!

So many new fabric lines have come in, it’s crazy. We even have the new Halloween lines out. Next month we will have Christmas in July. Can you believe it’s time to get started on those projects. Boy time does fly doesn’t it? We will also have our class sign ups for Summer and some for Fall.

Even Leesa is hauling it in!


It’s been so warm and getting some rain the other day was a real treat. Well it was a treat to me and probably to the plants in my yard. (I am so not good at going out and watering.) I stood outside on the porch here at Thimbles and Threads and just breathed in the fresh air cleaned by the rain. It was awesome. It reminded me of being at my grandmas house in the Summer and sitting out in this old wooden rocking chair in the back yard under a plumb tree. The tree protected you from getting wet, and you could just sit there and daydream and enjoy the summer rain. I loved it! But as the afternoon wore on, grandma would call me inside because her programs ( she always called them “Her programs”) would be starting and she needed me to come in and watch because she was afraid she would fall asleep and miss something. So she needed me to let her know what happened. I had never watched a soap opera before. I sure got attached to it with my grandma. She loved the Edge of Night and the Secret Storm.  For those of you that remember this product….Grandma would have me run to the store (I really did run.) to get her Clover Club Corn Crinkles. That was her snack for her “programs”. I miss those Corn Crinkles, they were yummy, oh by the way. I don’t know why but if you kept them in the freezer they were yummier. Weird huh?

Thanks for taking the time to play catch up with me.
Till next time.

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Open Sew and Giggly Girls

Hello Everyone,
I sure hope all of you had a great weekend and you celebrated National Quilting Day creating your most favoriteist quilt EVER! Coupled with St. Patrick’s Day……..Oh my gosh, you even had the luck of the Irish on your side. AND Friday was pie day, Thus a perfect weekend.  What’s not to love Right?

On Friday I sewed with friends after work, we had a yummy dinner and yes I brought PIE!!! We had the best time ever. Sewing and watching the movie Ever After. (Sew darn cute.) and visiting. Maybe I should mention “All at the same time!” I haven’t  laughed that hard in a long time. I don’t know if any of us have laughed that hard in a long time. I nearly finished my quilt top, had great food, laughed my self silly and watched the girl get the Prince. Awesome huh?

This Friday is Open Sew night. Sew come on over for a fun night of sewing, eating, sharing , laughing and might I mention it’s a great stress reliever, “much cheaper than therapy!” AND we will provide a quick little Easter sewing project that we will make during Open Sew.

Speaking of Easter, it is just around the corner and we really have some cute Easter fabric in stock. The Bunny panel in the picture has some squares in it that are perfect for making an Easter Basket. We have one made in the store for you to see.

You see the squares along the bottom? Perfect for the basket and the Bunny at the top. Wouldn’t that make a great pillow? Then you could still use the center of the panel for a quilt or wall hanging. Super cute!

If any of you are wondering about the new building, well I think the old saying of ” a watched pot never boils” applies here. I think I just may be watching too much. Soooo now I will pretend not to watch…….just keep a bare tab out of the corner of my eye. THEN maybe something will happen. I think this  calls for an old game I used to play with my cousin. Sneek-um Weak- um Beak-um.  I’ll keep you posted……

Till next time

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Spring must be in the air! I want to sit on a Tuffit!

Hello Everyone,
Spring must be in the air because it’s sunny one minute and snowing the next. Ya just gotta love our weather!
The Olympics have been really fun to watch while we sew don’t cha think? Oh my gosh, when one of them falls……Scrud you could poke your self with a pin or something. I am the worst for holding my needle with my lips while I get my thread ready. NOT during the Olympics though. You could gasp and suck that thing right down your throat! I can read the headlines now…….Olympic fall  kills Woman ! 10 thousand miles away (I really have no idea how far away Sochi  is) It was her last gasp that did her in! “I just might possibly see too much television!” Any way for safety’s sake….

Use a needle nanny.

While I’m at it, another notion that get sorta forgotten.  Lets talk straight pins for a moment. Some of us have our mothers and possibly our grandmothers old pins. (Worked for them ) Sorry to say….they get dull and really we need to replace them. I was sewing with a friend last week and she mentioned that every block she sewed she had to unpick and re do like three times to get her point right. She couldn’t figure out what was up. She was pinning and matching her points everything she could think of.. I offered her to try a couple of my  favorite pins. She did mention that she had lots of pins and that she had been pinning all along. But to be nice she tried my pins and WaLa  spot on!
These pins are very sharp and fine. Sometimes when we pin, we can’t tell but we are actually shifting the fabric a bit therefore we don’t line up where we want to. But these pins really do the job.

Plus the ends are kinda clear and sparkly and yellow and blue! They scream CUTE!

One of our awesome employees brought in a Tuffit for me to see. Can I just say… I need a Tuffit. I didn’t even know that I needed a Tuffit, but after seeing one. I really do “NEED” one or maybe three.  She is looking into the supply list and she said she would teach us (that’s right, all of you as well.) how to make one….or in my case maybe three. SEW stinkin cute!


This is all you get! Now you can figure out who the awesome employee is!
This line is so precious and sweet and the pastel Stonehenge is perfect with it.


St Patrick’s Day is coming and  this Stonehenge line is perfect.


Mustache fabric is so hot right now.


How cute is this?


Don’t you just love this color combination?


Downton Abby

We have so many new fabric lines in the store and more coming all the time, I’ll post a few, but come on in and see for your self’s. Oh, we just got in the Zip Zoom line that is featured in  the latest Fon’s and Porter.

One last thing, my daughter brought this over to share when her family came to dinner and all I can till you is that it was yummy……. Thought I would share and remind you that Open Sew is this Friday February 21,2014. You can come any time, but those of us that work the store don’t go down until after 6:00 pm. I will bring this salad to share and we will have chilli and cornbread as well as sewing and laughter and heaps and gobs of fun!

3 cups water
1 small pkg orange jello
1 small pkg cook and serve vanilla pudding
1 small pkg cook and serve Tapioca Pudding
1 8oz. tub Cool Whip
2 cans mandarin oranges, drained


  • In a saucepan, bring water to a boil
  • Add all three packages, jello, pudding, tapioca pudding
  • Boil for 2-3 minutes
  • Cool completely
  • To cooled mixture, add Cool Whip and mix well
  • Fold in drained oranges carefully

Refrigerate at least 3-4 hours


Till next time

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I hope all of you had a great Christmas

Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you had a great Christmas and I hope this New Year will prove to be the best ever for all of us!

Life at my house was loud and crazy. Well at least during the times we were all together that is. I laughed when my grandson came in the kitchen to escape the mayhem of his mom and uncles. I reminded him when he and his sisters get older they will be the same way. He smiled and said “I know!” We both laughed. You know how it is when you get with friends and family and you all start reminiscing. Oh my gosh , now that is when the fun begins! You know what? This is also the time when the secrets come out. All the details that were supposed to be kept from mom……..yep, I learn all kinds of stuff at these little get togethers!

Things are happening across the street with the new building. Only it’s not the things you can see. Still mucking through the red tape. We really hope and plan to start digging next month. When it happens I will post pictures for sure!

It’s crazy to think that in a week or so we will be back to Shop Hop Planning for this year. I for one am super excited! I do love Shop Hop. Some of the customers that come through live far enough away that once a year is all we get to see them. So I get really excited knowing that time will be here soon and we can catch up! All of us quilters get to become such great friends don’t we……

Last night was open sew and we had the best time! Yep, we were here super late but who cares? Good food, great company and lots of laughing, story telling, sewing and sharing. Doesn’t get any better than that!!!!!

Classes here at Thimbles and Threads have started with more to follow. If you haven’t signed up, now’s the time. Check out the website, the list is there including pictures.

We have several new lines in including some great jelly rolls.

Moda Front Porch . I totally love this line. I can hardly wait for it to come in.  The Heart and Home book shown in the picture is perfect for this group.


How cute is the Downton Abby fabric?  This group is such a keeper! I don’t even watch the show, but now I will!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can’t help but love this fabric!


Look how cute this banner is. We even have a class available.


Here is the new Adorn it line in both color ways.


I sure hope all of you have a great weekend and find some time to SEW!

Till next time

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Almost Christmas

Hello Everyone,
Well I don’t know about you but, “I hear those Sleigh Bells ringing a tune!”. I soooo love all the traditions and smells and magic that Christmas Time brings. Although  I do feel ever so unready for the big day. Yep, I’ve gotta get crackin!

This is just the best time of the year. My heart swells and I tend to tear up over the kindness of others. The Festival of the Trees was great and my son and I have the best time going each year. Just makes me want to decorate, decorate, decorate! Ok, to help me with this urge, I went down stairs and decorated a table. I felt better. NOW to do it at home!

I’ve been sewing, have you? I would tell you what I’ve been sewing but, my kids read this blog and I’m not letting the “Elf” out of the bag!

Some of you have had some interest in the Burlap Stocking I made. We will have some basic instructions written up today. Also we have the lace here for it. Leesa was kind enough to get it while she was in Arizona. Yea!!



We have buttons and fabric and Trims !

My most favorite type of sewing is when I can just create. Make it up as I go. You know how you can see something and then all of a sudden those creative juices start flowing and you start gathering supplies and Ideas keep coming? Well before you know it ……. Wa-La.. presto, Burlap Stocking is made! It doesn’t matter if it’s a quilt or a garment. Ok, so sometimes the out come is a bit scary.  Sometimes…….it was a really nifty idea. Burlap is soooooo very in this year. And  Sew fun to play with. And here we all thought it was just a gunny sack!

Many of you have seen or possibly own one of the Super Cute USB drives. Mostly we think of using them only if we have an embroidery machine for storing our designs.  But, what a perfect tool for storing quilt patterns or any inspirational sewing, crafting, scrap booking thought we might have.
Way to many times I remember something I have seen on Pinterest and for the life of me, I can’t find it when I need it. Sew having a USB drive that looks like sewing is my answer!  Otherwise I was plugging in every darn one I own and that is a hassle! Problem solved. NOW to help solve yours…..We will have these Handy Dandy USB drives. on sale , Reg. $23.99  NOW through Christmas $14.50 each.

My daughter wants the Owl and I want the Tape Measure. Hummmm which one will you choose?

Our Customer Trunk show is still in full force. If you haven’t voted as yet, please do. We have some that are running neck and neck, Your vote may just break the tie!

We also have some really fun new fabric lines that have just come in and more coming daily.

There are even ribbons to match the Fabric!
This is the New Adorn it Daisy line in two colorways, Crazy Cute!
This is the She Who Sews line. You can’t help but love this group.  Oh..how fun would a project bag be out of this ?
Honky Tonk by Moda. It even has mustache fabric. So very cute.


Lots and lots of NEW Batiks by Jo Morton


This Camping Fabric is Darling. Do you see the Fire Fly’s?


We are thinking PINK!

Saturday we will have our NEW class list available. Now’s the time to get signed up for our January, February and March classes. We will have a  couple of event Classes as well. The Event Classes are All Day  Classes where you bring your machine and we serve lunch and snacks. We have some new Block of the month classes and beginning quilting classes and advanced quilting classes. Crochet and Knitting, Bias Binding, an adorable project bag, also The Art Quilt Club (this is an on-going class where you learn and try new things, like thread painting and free motion quilting and fabric dyeing and beading and applying paint to fabric, rough edge applique. this is the perfect place to think and play outside the box.) So come on in and grab a list and we’ll get you signed up!

Merry Christmas!
Till next time

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Customer Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving ! Turkey day is just around the corner and if your like me…..you “HAVE” to remember to get that bird out of the freezer and into the refrigerator so it can thaw in time. I write this now….but will I get sidetracked when I get home? That could be a problem for sure.
Maybe I need to be like Uncle Billy in “It’s a Wonderful life” and tie a string around my finger. But I guess then I would have to remember what the string was for. Life can be full of challenges………

Not much has happened across the street since we talked last time. We are still waiting for the next approval from Draper City. I’ll keep you posted for sure.

Next week the voting starts on our Customer Quilt Show and boy do we have some awesome quilts to display. Just so you know, you will be able to vote on Facebook as well. Come take a look and vote, Crazy Good! A great big SHOUT OUT AND SNAPS, to everyone that entered.



As you can see, Amazing and this is just a sampling. Next week they will be on display and you can come vote! Yippie!

Also, Saturday is support your local Small Business Day. Seeeeeeew ….. We are having a sale. All fabric in the clearance room will be $5.99 or less. Now that’s a deal! Perfect time to stock up for Christmas Sewing and Quilt backs. Let’s not forget Clearance Room fat quarters are only $1.50 each.

Here’s a little tidbit.  If your the cook for Turkey Day you might want to try this..Mashed Potatoes that you can make a couple days in advance. Sure frees up time on Thanksgiving Day. Might I also add, just yummy. The Recipe can be found on line at “The  Pioneer Woman Cooks” just google it. They are called “Perfect Mashed Potatoes”. I just pop them in the oven with the rolls and out comes warm potatoey goodness. (That might not be a word, yet you know what I mean.)

Our Winter Class lists are almost ready. We will have them available for our Winter Workshop Saturday December 14,2013. This is a make it take it workshop. We will have a variety of items to make. Great friend / neighbor gift giving. Nancy will be teaching a belt that I know my granddaughters will love and we will have a bracelet that is so darn cute. These will be quick 40 minute classes. Come in after Thanksgiving and get signed up so we will have your kits ready for you! It’s gonna be Sew Much Fun  . Kind of a little something for everyone.

Do we have a Kit or a book or notions (maybe your cutting mat needs to be replaced), come on in. Santa’s little Elves will help you with your wish list. Then any friend or family  “Husband”can come in and purchase for you. It’s a win win. They don’t have to second guess and you get just what your little heart desires. Almost as good as a personal shopper….Whew…..far and wide the whispers in the Christmas Air will be “My work here is Done”.

Till next time

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Things are happening at Thimbles and Threads!

Hello Everyone,
I hope each of you had a Spooktacular  Halloween. Oh boy now we are on to Turkey Day and for my house we are a-plannin! Who’s coming and who brings what, Who don’t we want to bring what….just kidding! As new people come into your family it is so fun to enjoy the elements they add to the mix.

If you have been into the store lately you may have noticed the house is now gone across the street.


How do you demo a house? The same way you eat an elephant….one bite at a time.​

Crew cleaning and gathering and stacking bricks.


No Chickens were harmed. All are still accounted for!


Working on the trees.
No House!



Yippie! This means we are getting closer to building the new Store and Retreat. It was amazing to see it coming down and I’m sure a little sad for some as on some levels a land mark . As it was no longer a safe building. The new one will be an incredible homage to the old one. We have saved bits and pieces of the old building to be included in the new one including the brick. When you come by, come on in and we would love to show you the rendering. Life is full of history and change and as quilters we bring that out in our creations. We at Thimbles and Threads will continue to honor the past as we move into the future.

Did all of you get our email on our customer Trunk Show? I sure hope so, but if not here is the skinny:

Customer Quilt Show

Hosted by Thimbles And Threads

November 30th – December 21st

We will have five categories for this show

(Five more categories next show)

  1. My First Quilt – We all started somewhere, how fun to display our first creation.
  2. Snuggliest Quilt – We all have that favorite quilt, the go to quilt to snuggle up in on a cold day or for a late night movie.
  3. What was I thinking Quilt – We’ve all made one or maybe two of these. Just seemed like a good idea at the time quilt.
  4. Trash to Treasure Quilt – All of us have that one piece of fabric that we were going to discard and then decided….well, I could make a quilt out of it – And we did!
  5. Christmas Quilt – Who doesn’t love a Christmas quilt? Perfect time of year to share yours with the rest of us.

Bring your quilts in to the store between now and November 23, 2013.  Quilts will be hung in our classrooms, judging November 30ththrough December 14th.

Show Rules:  Judging will be by the customers – One vote per day, per category, per customer.  Pictures of the quilts will be posted on our face book page with “likes” being counted as a vote.  We will tally the votes and likes to find the winners in each category.

There will be prizes for the first three places in each category.  The first place winner in each category will win a $50.00 gift certificate towards edge to edge quilting by Thimbles And Threads.    The quilts will be numbered with names withheld until after the judging.  The quilts will be on display with the owner’s names and their placing December 16 through 21st.   Only one quilt per person please.   You could be a Winner…Winner…Winner!

I can hardly wait to see what all of you bring in!

How cute is this fabric line? It is called In Cahoots.

Have you been sorta getting ready for Christmas? I kinda sorta have. Anyway, just a little reminder that we are open late on Tuesday and Thursdays (8:00 pm) through the Holidays. On these evenings we have something different each night on sale. We thought it would help with our Holiday Shopping. So this Thursday night from 6-8 our cutting mats will be on sale for $28.00 regular price is $46.79. These are the nice 24″x36″ size.

Just a couple more things to share with all of you…..

 We just got in the NEW Lori Holt book “QUILTY FUN” For those of you that are quilting along with Lori on her blog.
How Scream-in Cute is this Twill Tape? Perfect for Christmas projects.
Here is the latest Cynthia England Book. So many of you came and took the class here learning her technique .She has now combined her landscape quilt technique with quilting . If you are interested, give us a call we are taking orders . Might I just add that the quilts in this book are beautiful. Come take a peek!

I admit I am so totally in the Holiday Spirit. I loved the half a flake of snow I got at my house. I have been entertained by all the Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel . I have been putting the petal to the “Well I think in my case” plastic. Sewing away and loving every minute of it. I finally gave in and turned on the furnace and I didn’t care. I think the reason for the skip in my Holiday step is all of you. You make my day and I thank you.

Till next time