New Kits: Quilts Hanging Everywhere

As I walked through the store the other day I thought about how beautiful all the quilts hanging from the walls make the shop. And then I wondered if our customers knew they are available as kits. Probably not! But it’s true…we do all the work for you. We design a wonderful quilt and pull all the fabrics together for you into one kit. So I snapped some photos to share with links to where you can order them online. You’re also welcome to call the store (801-576-0390) or stop by and pick up your favorite kit today!

New Quilting Kits Available in the Shop

Off Road Quilt Kit - 60" x 60"
Off Road Quilt Kit ORDER HERE
Northern Lights Quilt Kit - 60" x 72"
Northern Lights Quilt Kit ORDER HERE
Twister Waves Table Runner - 18" x 66"
Twister Waves Table Runner ORDER HERE
Cookout Quilt Kit - 50" x 50"
Cookout Quilt Kit  ORDER HERE
Nottingham Quilt Kit - 60" x 61"
Nottingham Quilt Kit  ORDER HERE
Under the Ocean Blue Quilt Kit - 63" x 88"
Under the Ocean Blue Quilt Kit ORDER HERE
O Happy Day Quilt Kit - 76" x 76"
O Happy Day Quilt Kit  ORDER HERE
Outdoor Adventures Quilt Kit - 57" X 68"
Outdoor Adventures Quilt Kit ORDER HERE
Modern Log Cabin Pillow Kit - 18" pillow
Modern Log Cabin Pillow Kit  ORDER HERE
Caravan Roundup Quilt Kit
Caravan Roundup Quilt Kit ORDER HERE
Learning the Ropes 68" x 81 1/2"
Learning the Ropes Quilt Kit  ORDER HERE 
Blue Jay Way Quilt Kit - 60" x 70"
Blue Jay Way Quilt Kit  ORDER HERE

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