Wanted: Quilting Tips & Tricks

We recently shared some fun quilting tips on our social media that we found from other amazing quilters around the internet. But we started thinking that our very own followers probably have the best tips. So we’re on the hunt for Quilting Tips & Tricks to share on our feed. We’ll happily link back to your Instagram or Facebook or blog. Simply tag @quilterslodge and we will repost/share with our followers. Occasionally we’ll pick one of our favorite tips to share with our mailing list as well.
Not on social media, but have the best tip to share…no problem. Simply email us at thequilterslodge@gmail.com. If you have photos to show, great. If not, we’ll still find a way to pass along your tip if selected!!

Here are those great tips we recently shared….

Sew Awesome Quilting Tip!
We found this awesome tip from Instagram user Brenda Moore. She posted, “And this is why color catchers are a miraculous invention! They’re even bluer in person and the white on the quilt is snow white.” @eroomkb



Best tip ever that I’ve had for quilters? Label solids on the selvage with a sharpie so you don’t mix them up. @jaybirdquilts

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Quilting Tips & Tricks

  1. LuJean Clark says:

    Small Blade Works Best
    If you plan to rotary cut curved pieces with acrylic templates, invest in a small-blade rotary cutter. You’ll find the smaller blade handles much better around the curves, which is a must for accuracy. Also note that curved cuts may not heal themselves on your cutting mat, so you may need to reserve a cutting mat specifically for curved cutting and save your best mat for all other rotary cutting.
    OR: Rotary cut the basic square shapes first,
    then use the template to trace the curve and cut out that section with scissors.

  2. LuJean Clark says:

    Store Fusible Web Flat
    Save leftover paper-backed fusible web
    in a large zipper storage bag. It helps to not dry out so fast. Cut a piece of card stock about the size of the bag and slip in flat pieces of
    fusible web on top. The card stock keeps it flat and ready to use.

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